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Stackbit gives Jamstack users an easy way to publish either the whole site or just a single page at a time. It also gives users the flexibility to publish immediately or to schedule publishing changes days, or even weeks, in the future.


When you open the Stackbit Studio Publish menu you will be greeted with a few options

publishing options

Granular publishing

Publish Entire Site

Every Stackbit site plan, including the free tier, gives users the ability to publish the entire site immediately. This will trigger a rebuild of the site and push all changes on all pages live to production. This is typical for Jamstack applications.

Warning! This action publishes all pending changes across your site. Take care to know what has changed on the site when publishing all changes.

Publish Current Page

Note: Granular publishing is available only to Stackbit sites with a Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan.

Choosing this option triggers a partial rebuild of the site and will not push any other staged changes outside of the specific page you are publishing.

pubishing options

Scheduled publishing

Publish Now

Choosing to publish now will immediately trigger a rebuild of the site, publishing any updates made in the Studio. This option is always available at all plan levels.

Publish Scheduled

Note: Scheduled publishing is available only to Stackbit sites with a Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan.

Paid accounts have the option to choose to publish at a specific date and time in the future. Just select "Scheduled" and click on the calendar icon to select the date and use the scroll buttons to select the time you want to publish. Please note that the time shown in the menu is in your local time zone.

scheduling a publish

This feature will allow you to do things like schedule site changes being published to coincide with the timing of a marketing campaign or other promotion without needing to involve your developers or operations team to manually push a launch.