Besides editing existing content, Stackbit allows you to create new pages. There are two options for adding pages: creating a new page from scratch or duplicating the current page.

creating a new page

If you choose "Create Page", you will be asked to choose the template and the page path relative to the root of the site or, depending on the type of page you are creating, relative to the directory containing that type. For example, a type of Page will typically be relative to the root of the site while a type of Post will be relative to /blog.

creating a new page from scratch

The created page will have the editable content and metadata of the chosen template. Initial content may include some default lorem ipsum text for place-holding purposes.

Clicking on "Duplicate Page" will only ask you for the relative URL. All other aspects of the page will duplicated from the existing page, including all content.

Note: As a content creator, when you add a new page, you'll be able to create a page from existing types of pages. If you're a developer trying to create a new type of page, check out our stackbit.yaml reference to learn more about page models.