With this button you can easily create a CMS-powered website based off any theme. You can place it in your Github repo's README, on your website or anywhere else you like. The button is simply an image link to the Stackbit project creation flow,

you can include the image using an absolute link from https://assets.stackbit.com/badge/create-with-stackbit.svg or you can download it.

Here's an example of the button:


HTML Badge

<a href="https://app.stackbit.com/create?theme=https://github.com/stackbithq/stackbit-theme-universal"><img src="https://assets.stackbit.com/badge/create-with-stackbit.svg"/></a>

Markdown Badge

[![Create with Stackbit](https://assets.stackbit.com/badge/create-with-stackbit.svg)](https://app.stackbit.com/create?theme=https://github.com/stackbithq/stackbit-theme-universal)

URL Parameters

themeRequired - Theme repository URL, currently only support themes hosted on github.
ssgpre-select a SSG (jekyll, hugo, gatsby)
cmspre-select a CMS (sanity, contentful)
deploymentdeployment id (netlify)

* The theme param can point to a theme built for any static site generator..