Clicking the Publish button merges your repository's preview branch to its main branch. This merge triggers a Netlify Build webhook, which kicks off the new build. Let's try it out.

Publish Changes to Production

  1. In Stackbit, click Publish. Then click the Live Site button.
  2. Notice how the live site still has the initial content.
  3. Navigate to Stackbit. Update the title to Let's publish some new content!
  4. Click Publish again in the top nav. Then click Publish in the dropdown.
  5. Click the Settings gear icon in the left of the top nav.
  6. Next to Netlify, click Open.
  7. Under the Production deploys card, you'll see the build labeled Building. Click it.
  8. Here you can watch the deploy finish.
  9. Once the build is complete, navigate to back to the live site.
  10. Referesh the page. Watch the page update with the most recent changes.

You can deploy to whichever hosting platform you desire by changing the build webhook in your Github repository.

Single page and scheduled publishing is available on paid plans.