We hope this hands-on Getting Started guide was helpful. Here's what we recommend next:

Explore Stackbit Studio's Advanced Settings

There are advanced goodies for setting the runnable directory of a theme in a monorepo, adding extra environment variables your theme may need during live preview, and more. Click the gear icon in the top left corner to get started.

Import an Existing Site to Stackbit

With a stackbit.yaml file in place, a running site will work the same in Stackbit Studio whether you let Stackbit provision it or whether you imported it into Stackbit. When you import an existing site, you'll need to set up a few webhooks yourself that Stackbit would have provisioned for a new site. Contact us and we'll help you get started adding Stackbit to your existing site

Stackbit's CLI Tool

Download our CLI tool to speed up development.

Dig into the Documentation

Check out the rest of our documentation for more tips and tricks.