Try editing your project using Stackbit's Code Editor and your local code editor. View your changes instantly in Stackbit.

Edit the Code with Stackbit's Code Editor

The live preview in Stackbit is driven by the preview branch. When you save your Stackbit Code Editor changes, Stackbit makes a commit to the preview branch in Github.

  1. Click Code in the top nav.
  2. In the left panel, click Code Editor.
  3. Under the src/css directory, open the main.scss file.
  4. Add .text-green { color: #2ea44f; } to the file.
  5. Save your work (command + s) and close main.scss.
  6. Hover over the page title in the preview panel.
  7. Click Code in the bottom right of the highlight. This opens the HeroSection.js file and highlights the H1 code responsible for rendering the title.
  8. Add text-green to the H1's className.
  9. Save your work and watch the color of the title update.

Edit the Code with Your Local Code Editor

Now let's edit the preview branch from your local development environment. After we commit the changes, we'll see it update in Stackbit.

Clone the repo to your local IDE

  1. Open your local machine's command prompt and execute the following three commands, substituting your GitHub username for YOUR_USERNAME:

    git clone
    cd my-first-site
    git checkout preview

Change the title's color

  1. Open the my-first-site directory in your local development editor.
  2. Click the src directory. Then the css directory. Then open the main.css file.
  3. Add .text-purple { color: #800080; } to the file. Save it.
  4. Click the components directory. The open the HeroSection.js file.
  5. In HeroSection.js add text-green to the H1's className. Save it.

Push your local work to the Github

  1. In your command prompt, execute the following three commands:

    git add --all
    git commit -m "Color change"
    git push
  2. Navigate back to Stackbit. Close the Settings modal.
  3. Watch the color of the title change to purple.