Let's create a site to use with this tutorial. Begin by clicking the big blue button below!

Create with Stackbit

Configure Your Site

  1. Atop the page, change your Stackbit project name to My First Site.
  2. Click Create Site.
  3. If you don't have an account yet, sign up for a new account. While you work through the registration process, Stackbit is doing some fancy stuff to prepare your site for you.
⚙️ Learn what Stackbit's site creation does for you.

After you click Create Site, Stackbit:

  1. Creates a new GitHub repository by cloning the original repository into your GitHub account, creating a preview branch for it as well.
  2. Creates a new Contentful Space and provisions that Space with initial content from the export.json file in the original repository.
  3. Creates a Netlify site.
  4. Creates webhooks between GitHub and Netlify so that whenever something is committed into GitHub, it will trigger a deploy in Netlify.

That's it!

🎉 Pat yourself on the back because you just deployed a Jamstack website! 🎉

Yeah, seriously. That's it! You can now play around with your new site and see what Stackbit can do for you. Or, use the link at the bottom of this guide to continue on a guided Stackbit journey.