Your content is stored in Markdown files within the content directory of your repository. Let's learn how it works.

Editing in Stackbit Pushes Code to GitHub

A change in Stackbit's visual editor triggers a commit to the preview branch in your repository. To test it out:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top left of the Studio.
  2. Click Open next to Github.
  3. Place Stackbit and Github side by side.
  4. In Github, click Content, then Pages, and finally
  5. Click the Master button. Select the preview branch.
  6. In Stackbit, edit the hero title.
  7. Refresh the Github page. Watch it update.

Code Commits Pushed to Github Update Content in Stackbit

The sync we showed above goes both ways. A commit to the preview branch of your repository updates Stackbit's visual editor. Let's test that out.

  1. Start in the ./content/pages/ file in the Github repository.
  2. Click the edit button.
  3. Change the title under the hero_section.
  4. Scroll down and add a description like Updated title.
  5. Click Commit changes.
  6. Watch the new title show up in Stackbit.

💡 Reminder: Make sure your commit is to the preview branch. If you're using a local development environment, make sure to push the changes up to your remote repository.